Voter Guide

Voter Guide

One of the most common complaints we hear about elections in Idaho is that it is hard to find information on candidates running for public office. This is particularly true for legislative and statewide candidates.

However, there is a lot of information out there, and our goal is to help provide you with the resources you need before you vote.

Idahoans need to remember to review these important issues before voting: Registration, Candidates, History, Endorsements/Ratings, and Organizations


Before voting, remember that you must register to vote. The Idaho Secretary of State’s website provides information about what you need to vote and when you must register.

Checking your registration online will also tell you which district and precinct you are registered in. Note that there are limitations on when you can register online.

Register to Vote Here


Once you are registered and know where you are registered to vote (precinct and district), you can then look up who is running for office to represent you at the county, legislative, congressional, or statewide races. You can also find that information on the Idaho Secretary of State’s website.

Who is Running for Office in 2024?


When it comes to doing research on candidates to determine who is conservative and who is not, if the individual is an incumbent state legislator or congressional lawmaker, there are some tools you can use to find out more information about them.

Note: There are not a lot of resources to find information on county races on a large scale.

Idaho Freedom Foundation Freedom Index

This organization does an incredible job rating legislation at Idaho’s capitol. You can find out if your lawmaker is against big government or likes big government.

An “A” or “B” rated lawmaker is someone who does NOT push a big government agenda. You can probably guess what a “D” and “F” rated lawmaker believes in.

Institute for Legislative Analysis

This organization puts out scorecards for each state based on how lawmakers vote in comparison to what their party platform (the Republican Party, in this case) states as the values they should uphold.

It’s not surprising that in a state like Idaho, Democrats often run as “Republicans” so they can get elected, and then they vote like Democrats.


Not all endorsements are good if you are trying to find a real conservative candidate. In a state like Idaho, this issue becomes increasingly important to pay attention to because the establishment (Republicans and Democrats) will use big business and agriculture organizations to help get them back into office.

We have broken the endorsements/ratings into “Good” and “Bad” so you know which ones are picking candidates who are typically limited government versus big government.

Note: We do not agree with every endorsement/rating in the “Good” section necessarily, but as a general rule, most endorsed candidates in this section are better bets than their opponents.

* Good endorsement/Information/rating list *

Freedom Bros Anti-Endorsement List (We don’t endorse candidates, but we do tell you which candidates are so awful for the position you shouldn’t vote for them under any circumstances. It doesn’t mean that if a candidate isn’t on our list, they are good. Our list is about the worst of the worst.)

Freedom Bros Candidate Interviews (Information) We have a lot of candidate interviews for you to watch!

Idaho Freedom PAC (Endorsements)

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (Ratings – The organization does NOT endorse candidates but rates candidates’ responses to a pro-2nd Amendment survey.)

Citizens Alliance of Idaho PAC (Endorsements)

Stop Idaho RINOs PAC (Endorsements)